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Thread: ass injestion

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    ass injestion

    I have always took my shots in the shoulder and thigh. But i want to try my ass. I have heard of people hitting a serious artery cack there. Is this true. can you hit anything back there is is it pretty safe. Aslo my girl friend is going to be taking clen can ayone give tell me how she should take it, thanks

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    so you want to eat your ass eh?

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    you didnt just say you are injesting ass did you??

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    dizzy i LOVE your avatar...BB listen up, there is a serious nerve that runs down the medial portion of your lower body called the siatic nerve, damaging this nerve could be dangerous... however if you inject in the right place on the gluts you are in no harm... but you MUST make sure everytime you inject that you didnt go into a blood vessel... to do this you much aspirate , do a serach on it... also... the places to inject are the upper OUTER quadrants of your glutes... either right or left side.... its more of a hip injecting than anything... here is a like that may help... but understand you need to use a 1 1/2 in needle otherwise you wont hit the muscle fascia and the gear wont be maximally absorbed... good luck

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    well go to
    u know to quarter the ass and shit like that right man...just do a search it tells u all u need to know

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    Shoot in the upper right portion of your ass...
    See the attached photo


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