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    I love being on test!!!!

    Just wanted to share my feelings after a nice chest tri workout. Its been 6 weeks on test enthate ICN's up about 10-12 lbs and just starting to get sick pumps and real intesity. I've done test before and I have to say this is the longest its taking for me to feel it like this. The initial weight gain was from mostly weeks 2-3. I plan on running the test for 6 more weeks and adding denkall var in at week 8 for 6 weeks right up until pct fom the test. I wish my workouts were always like this.

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    Good to hear Bro - keep up the hard work

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    thats why its the best!!
    its the anthem - testosterone is the king of the road, literally!
    sounds like a good plan with the var!
    let us know how it continues for you.. gl bro

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