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    Personality Changed with Gear?

    I just had one of my best friends tell me that I have changed since I started reading and posting on this board.

    That I am not the same person as I used to be before I stuck that needle in my ass and started learning from this board.

    I am only doing 100mg per week of cyp and .3 cc of hGH.
    (Ok I injected an extra 100mg this week).

    My doctors told me it was not enough to make a personality change in me.

    He is really pissed off at me and for what?

    My job is going great and I get along with most of my coworkers.

    I agree I am really intense now in workouts and all.


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    Tell your friend to go to hell!!!!!!!!continue to train hard and grow brother!!!!!!!!!peace

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    I hate to tell you this bro,, but he might be right , as your intrest's change and your life style change , so do you and your view on things in life also , it isnt a bad thing as long as it isnt destructive to you or anyone else , I would just tell him that yes I have changed and for the better , If he ? how , Then just give him the reason's , keep one thing in mind bro it is your life and your body , do what makes you happy and try not to hurt anyone else in the process ,,, just my opp , good luck bro !!!!!

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    as long as your not an angery person, dont worry to much unless you hear many complaints perhaps?

    AS and lifting changes peoples lives, it's a very dedicated life style and mind frame.

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    Yes, I agree with this.

    And I am very serious about my workouts now.....

    Anyone else have comments too, about this?????

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    I know for a fact i have changed.
    And definetely for the better.

    The bros i saw at the Arnold Classic were not even human
    At that point i asked myself a question, Do i want to be like that

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    You mentioned some difficult things that are going on in your personal life in previous posts. I would think that would be the source of your personality change. With time, you will change back.

    Just a thought....

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    up an ass

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    The original jason:

    Damn bro thanks for the reminder. I went back and read my post on your thread.

    I think I am in some Denial.......


    You gota keep us thinking about this, Thanks for your input.

    Even with all my other shit outside of doing gear I think you have a very valid point.

    Ok I am going to practice my therapy now...

    Yes I do feel better now.....

    You the man.....

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