after changing my mind for my cycle a couple a dozen times in the past months, here's what i'm looking at:

wk 1 to 4: 1000mg duratest
wk 5 to 10: 750 mg dura
wk 11 to 14: 500mg test prop

wk 1 to 10: 600mg ed

wk 3 to 9: 50mg win ed
wk 11 to 14: 50mg win ed

i have 20 arimidex and a bottle of liquidex which is equal to 80 arimidex. i was thinking of doing 1 pill a day for the first 4 weeks, then go to .5 a day till the end, and .5 eod during clomid. during the clomid is it necessary to do .5 eod or could i do less?
i was also given 100 proviron for free, since i have it i'm going to use it, any suggestions as to how.