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    ando and nor andro..stacked with gear?

    Ando and nor andro, should it be stacked with gear? or be taken right after? when is the best time to take it around a cycle

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    I wouldnt stake it peroid!!

    its like doing a line of coke, then sniffing ajax

    I don't recommend taking them at all, but if you must take them with your cycle I think so you can let your body recover hormonaly when not "on" the gear.

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    waste of money.

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    your body won't be very willing to convert these prohormones into AS when you have a lot of excess androgens in your body, so using it during a cycle is not wise.

    after a cycle it's time to recover. prohormones will compromise recovery time while not adding a lot of gains. so using it post cycle is not wise.

    i wouldn't use it period.

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