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Thread: Scale It!!!

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    Scale It!!!

    1)on a scale from 1-10, how bad does Prop. hurt?
    2)coudl i mix Prop. with NNP (durabolin ) in the same injection
    3)let me no what you think my dosages should be

    thanks bros, hope to hear good answers, please help me out

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    depends on who makes it. I have ran some prop that doesnt hurt that bad and yet I have ran some where for the first few weeks I thought I was going to die.

    on average prop hurts a little for the first few shots than it goes away. and yes you can mix it. you can also mix it with b12 to help. keep the dose from 75mg-150mg ed.

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    1 being somebody pinched you and 10 being shot I would say a 5 or 6 with the QV stuff. But I use stuff now that is almost painless.

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    I've only used BM testopin & my own prop - the testopin was totally painless (ie 0) and my prop is nearly always painless, but occasionally a 0.5 on the pain scale a day after shooting it.
    You can mix prop & NPP - as for doses depends on your goals stats etc....

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    QV-5, for the first two weeks. I also use B-12, but it still brings the pain just a tad.

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    I seem to have a good tolerance to injectable AAS pain, prop for me is maybe a 2, enanthate is 0

    Everyone is different, a friend of mine tried my homebrew test e and couldnt walk for days lol i can't even feel it at all in the days after

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    chaos Guest
    everybody is diferent. i can shoot 150mg/ml prop, and only limp for 2 days, for the next guy it might be a week.

    mixing any oil based gear in the same pin is fine. prop at 150mg EOD , and NPP at 100-115mg EOD is a good cycle. make sure to take 400-600mg B-6 ED to help control prolactin, and i recomend 1.25mg EOD of letro, any time a 19nor is utilized.

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