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    Question quick winny question?

    i am taking 2 10cc bottles of testosterona 200 (brovel) and i am thinking about adding winstrol depot at the end... would15cc's of winstrol give me a significant gain? i dont have the money for a full 30cc so me and a friend where going to split it but the stuff isnt cheap.. would it be worth my money to pay half and get 15cc or not??? should i just wait for a future cycle and get a decent amount??

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    winny is used to cut up more than bulk up so you would not "gain" anything much anyway and most definately not at those quantities

    id wait and get a decent amount but id also think about what i was trying to acheive - winny is NOT for bulking and gaining size

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    u can use it in the end to help keep yur gains.and kaz even though used for cutting if the diet is switched around calories ar sufficient u can use it as a bulker .your gains wont be tht significant but quality is better then quantity.

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    hey flgator, are you a fan or alumni? i graduated from UF 2 years ago. anyway bro, i would like to know what your T200 from brovel looks like as I am at the end of a bottle and I have suspicion that it is not the real deal??? anyone else have advice for spotting fake T200 or decas for that matter?

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