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    growth/test/eq/slin progress...

    Well guys, it's been a while, but wanted to throw an update out, and see if I'm on track with where I should be. Currently running:

    700mg upjohn cyp wk 1-12
    600mg equipoise wk 1-12
    6iu jin hgh 7 days/week 5 kits
    10iu slin after workouts 1-4, 8-12

    Okay, I just am finishing the 5th week, and here are my stats so to speak.
    I started at 6'2" 246lbs at a hair over 14%bf. Well I got my bf% done yesterday and came in 251lbs at 12.1%. I have another 7 weeks to run of the test/eq, and 3 1/2 more kits of the hgh to go (5 total). I will run the slin again the last 4 weeks. My goal was to finish above 230 at 8%. Am I on target? I'll post pics probably tomorrow.

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    i would run the hgh 5on/2off as its more beneficial to run it as long as possible and it may help avoid hgh resistance after the cycle.


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