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    D-bol Only Cycle

    as i'm still preparing for my cycle
    d-bol will be part of it, just had read a few pms
    detailing really not about it,
    can anyone bullshit with me?
    i like to know how long taking it?
    any side effects? is really bad taking it more than 6wks? if d-bol is only use to jump start
    cycle, what is purpose of doing a cycle for?
    thanks guys.........

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    You need to research as you appear nto to have any idea.

    Take it for around 4-5 weeks
    Don,t take it longer as it is 17aa and toxic to the liver
    Used to jumpstart a cycle as oils do not kick in for at least 4 weeks that why d-bol is used
    D-bol cycle is not worth it

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    take Billy's advice he is right on the money.

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