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Thread: deca mg problem

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    deca mg problem

    OK... i was able to only able to abtain 10ml of 200mg deca .
    Problem is I wanna do 400mg deca per week. I can not get the 200 again because the source only has 300 now. what can I do?

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    get it and figure out the math

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    Come on... you couldn't figure it out yourself.

    You're on a computer.... use microsoft excel.

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    no comment

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    If you still have not worked it drop me a PM

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    Ok bud - dont get so caught up on the strength factor - everyone forgets that you dont HAVE to inject in full ccs - lets say you were to inject one cc of your current deca (200mg) then add 2/3 of a cc to that of your deca 300 (1.66 ccs) that's could also do 1.5ccs for a lesser injection (1cc of Deca 300 and 1/2 of a cc of Deca 200) and that is ALSO 400mgs

    So bottom line - by the deca at 300 and figure it out later

    Come on guys - 4 replies and ya didnt even answer his question? Don't post something just to make a comment that wont help the guy out - he's got some learning to do - we've all been there

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    200mgs per 1ml. YOu have 10 total mls. 200 x 10 = 2,000 total mgs in your bottle of nor200. If you do 400 a wk that would be 2ml per wk and you would run out in 5 wks. SO get another bottle.

    300mgs per ml, with 10ml bottle. Be easier to do 300mgs per wk for 10 wks. So that would be 1cc or 1ml per wk. If you do 400mgs per wk you will do 1 and 1/3 cc or 1.33 ml's per wk to make it 300mgs.

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