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    can i run winny through my whole cycle???

    whats up guys i gott 50ml of test e and will be taking two ccs every three days and i also have 30ml of winstrol depot what im worried about is getting that big bloated look for summer and i want to look hard as hell but big too so i was wondering if i can take the winny through all 12 weeks along with the test or is that a bad idea mind you i have never taken winny so will it even give me that really hard vascular look or should i look for something else to make me look like a rock cause as we all know its summer time baby and i wanna be able to wash my clothes on my abs and not look all puffy so any advice or maybe a push in the right direction would be great btw im 5'11" and about 185 and maybe 6-8% bodyfat thanks fellas

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    well from what i read use the start you winny around week 8 and run it until week 13 then start PCT the next day after your last winny intake. i will be doing the same with cyp/dbol then adding the winny to cut some fat and harden up the muscles.

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