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    Glute Injection Tonight

    I'm getting ready to do my first shot ever of sust250 and deca 200mg. This comes out to be 3cc. Is it ok to shoot all that into one spot in my ass? I'm also using a 1 1/2 inch 22 gauge needle.

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    A lot of people out there don't recommend doing an injection of 3cc. But, what are your alternatives? You can't do part of the sust now and part later (assuming they are sust amps). So, since the deca should only serve to diminish the pain associated with the injection, I don't think it should be a problem. Personally, I would do all 3cc in one injection as opposed to doing two separate injections back to back-- but that is JMO. Try it out in one injection and see how it feels. If this is your first sust. shot ever (or even for a while), the chances are you will be in some pain tomorrow-- but for me, I'd rather have a little more pain localized than on both ass cheeks. Just imagine how dumb you would look walking like that-- people might get the wrong idea. Anyway, good luck bro.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    3cc's in your @ss is ok. When we only had 50mg Deca we were doing 5 cc glute shots and had no problems with them. So don't be scared and push away to a new bigger you!

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