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Thread: Cycle Advice

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    Cycle Advice

    Hey guys;

    First my stats

    39yo 5' 10" 175lbs (as of today)
    Measured BF w/calipers 11.2% (18% and 150lbs 2 years ago)
    Shoulders 50.5"
    Chest 40.75"
    Bicep 15.5
    Waist 33
    Umbilicus 34
    Hips 38.5
    quads 24
    Calf 15

    Current Cycle:

    3rd week of 200mg/cc Test Cyponate twice per week (**home brew**)
    50mg Proviron ed
    10mg M1-T Daily


    250g's of protien daily via diet and whey protien
    Moderate carbs
    low fat (not crazy low, but low)
    low sugar/ (crazy low, really watch the sugar intake)
    5-6 small meals per day...3 are whey protien shakes.


    Gain 10lbs of quality muscle and drop body fat to 8%


    More acne than I have ever had with a cycle. (this is my 3rd one)
    I'm LOOSING weight
    I don't have any strength
    I feel tired (Prob the M1-T)

    Generally, just feel like shit!

    I have muscle hardness, I think I'm leaning out.

    The supplier is new to me. His product is supposedly made by a chemist buddy of his. The injections are painful, like propinate, but labled Cyponate. I don't have much of a good feeling about this 'home brew' stuff.

    [email protected]

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    You ever hear that saying if there is a question about something being dirty, clean it? It is usually true, I don't know if I would trust your supplies if they don't feel right and your not gaining and feel like ass. Something is not right. About your diet, I wouldn't be counting protien drinks as meals, eat food instead of the protien drink, you'll get more out of it. Personally, I only take a protien shake right after I work out, then eat food for the rest of my protien, you know, chicken, tuna, steak, buffalo burgers-really good for you!
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    Little Mac,

    Thanks for the input. It's so easy to get in big amounts of protien quickly with the protien shakes. I know I am not getting enough calories...that is an issue. I'm only getting in 2500calories per day.

    Mind you, I don't want to be huge, rather porportional, muscle/leaness...noticable by others. I don't look bad, rather, pretty good, just want to 'top it off a bit more' if that makes any sense.

    [email protected]

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    check out the diet forum that should help you out,it all comes down to a good diet.


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