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    Preventing stretch marks?

    Is there any way to prevent strech marks?
    When do they usually occur? I.e. when you gain how much in what time (if this can be said) ?


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    I heard vit e, cocoa butter, and ponds cold cream works. I did a search on this b4 and found lots of info.

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    no ways of preventing them, there are ways of trying to lessen them. if u grow more then ur skin grows you will def get marks, its like how fat people have stretch marks, IMO

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    It is all genetic, some people will show less marks than others, some lucky people won't show any. For example my mother got bad stretch marks when she was pregnant. I have a few good sized ones that I got when I was about 15 years old right between the shoulder and chest. I was really skinny and started doing about 150-200 push ups a day and the skin couldn't grow fast enough for the muscle growth.

    Vitamin E is a good suggestion to lesson the severity, I would start using it at the first sign of any marks, doctors always recommend it for scars, especially after crazy car accidents (I have been in plenty). Good luck.

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    right, there's really no way of preventing them 'cause your muscle grows faster than your skin streches... cocoa butter will soften them a little and will keep them from getting real dark and noticable.

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