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    Question what can one expect from this???

    If one would be 5'8 180lbs at 8%bf with never using before decided to use a stack of 300mg primo depot and 25mg winny tabs a day for a 8wks cycle could he expect to make some solid QUALITY gains??? Only looking at adding maybe 5-8lbs of good , hard muscle to win an overall title. He's that close to winning the overall all ready and feels that with this little bit he may do it. He already has 20 amps of primo and 25 tabs of 50mg winny. What would be the best way for him to use this, and does he need to use clomid at the end of this cycle??? THANKS

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    u would gain 22.33 lbs of muscle :P

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    hehe...23.33 of muscle..Maybe after a few years you could gain the much pure muscle.

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    if HE'S going to run it for 8wks then hes going to need more gear atleats 3primos a week and 1 winny aday..but i dont think YOUR FRIEND should use winny for 8 wks. maybe 5. but those will give quality muscle

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