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    Question Starting new cycle

    Well I just wanted to get some comments on this cycle

    Winstrol @ 50mgs EOD
    Fina @ 75mgs EOD
    Liquidex @ .5mgs EOD
    Clen & Cytomel 2 weeks on 2 weeks off
    with ECA stack in between

    What do you guys think?
    Is there anything I should up or lower

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    going off of what you have planned, here's what i'd suggest:

    winny: 25mg/day 7 weeks
    fina: 40mg/day 7 weeks
    test prop: 30mg/day 7 weeks
    clomid: 100mg/day wks 8-10

    you won't need much liquidex if at all. when you get too much water retention start using it at .5mg eod, but other than that you can really hold off on this.

    cytomel is gonna hurt your gains big time.

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