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    which anti estrogen is best?

    My cycle is ......
    Sust 250 8 weeks
    14 amps
    1 amp the 1st and last week
    2amps each week in between

    What anti estrogens should I take and how much? I am 6''3 170 and this is my 1st cycle. I am looking to put on 15 - 20 lbs of weight. I might get drug tested in October / late September by the NCAA's what should I take for anti-estrogen?
    Thanks guys...

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    you dont have to worry about any drug tests... the sust should be out of your system well in time of sept and october.. but that is if you start soon. as for your question on anti estrogen, you shouldn't have to worry about that either with only taking 500mgs of sust..if your nipples start to hurt or sting, nolvadex would help that out.

    Big J

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    can you at least get 16 amps of sust?

    arimidex (liquidex) is by far the best. .25mg/day when the water retention becomes unbearable. 500mg/wk of sust shouldn't require much arimidex at all.

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