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    gear getting seized by customs

    alright bros, this is the first time i've gotten one of my packages seized. i have the customs letter. it says to sign it and return it if i am going to appeal yeah right.. but here is the question.. is anything going to happen? because the address i had it sent to, wasn't mine. so is anything going to happen to my friend?? or myself for that matter?? i am going to scan the letter and send it to my source and see what he wants to do with it. any info, precautions, or advice is well appreciated..thanks guys

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    don't send it to the same place....use another name....if it came from thiland forget it and just write it off as a loss.....

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    if they sent the letter already, then don't worry about it. they're not going to do a controlled delivery.

    it's a lot less hassle and safer to go domestic. prices are higher, but it will pay off at the end.

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    I just got a customs letter myself. Just ignore it and everything should be fine. I only go domestic now...

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    some sources will either resend or give you a credit for the profit they would have made on the transaction.....if they offer you something in the way of a refund, take it and be happy......

    after you send a copy of the letter to your "people"....destroy it and forget about it....the addy it was sent to may want to stay clean for awhile just in case, but it would be very rare for someone to show up....

    also...if your "people" want you to send a copy of the letter to them.....when you mail it, dont put your name and return addy on the envelope....that kind of kills the anon identity....

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