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    which are the best roids?

    I'm trying to find out which is the best? #1.Dianabol , Naposim or (Tai)-Anabol? #2.Nandrolone by (Norma) or Deca -durabolin by (Oganon) the yellow tops. I plan to cycle them with Sostenon 250mg. In the redi-jects? and also with HCG the last two weeks?

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    bro it seems to me that you need to do a little research no offense intended man...just AAS is a serious matter..far as ur questions go..#1 they are all d-bol just different brands..its personal preference #2 nandrolone is Deca ...again different brand. both i have heard good about but i will leave the Deca part to an experienced user who has taken it

    Also, HCG is not needed unless its a longer..or stronger which around mid cycle your nuts would need a kick to let them know they are alive
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    Sorry Bro' but your question doesn't make sense. What are you asking?

    Are you asking which is better to stack with Sustanon , D-bol or Deca ? Or are you asking which brands are the best for D-bol and Deca?

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    I think he's asking which of these brands are better :

    d-bol - naps or thai's
    deca - norma hellas or organon

    Looks like he's planning to use them with the Organon Sus redi-jects.

    Anyways IVOR, it's all about what you can get your hands on. Yeah some feel they get better pumps / results from some brands of gear than others. But like I just said - whatever you can get your hands on is good gear. Price matters too. They should be relatively equal in price per cc or mg. Understand?

    It appears as if you want to run your cycle something like this :

    1-4 d-bol
    1-10 deca
    1-10 sus

    If that's the case, you're going to have to give us a little more info and we'll help you plan this out the right way. What are your stats (height, weight, cycle experience, training experience, etc..)

    BTW - I wouldn't bother with the HCG , I'd see if you could get clomid instead. You'll need no more than thirty 50 mg pills.....

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