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    ? about stackin fina & primo

    i would like some opinions on what you all would do. i just started 75mg fina ED for 7 weeks about 5 days ago. i have aquired 25 primos for total of 8 weeks at 300mg/week and an extra shot to fit in somewhere.

    now, should i
    #1 start taking the primobolan ASAP
    #2 wait a few weeks and let the fina take its course then start midway through the fina
    #3 wait until im completely done with the fina and start running the primo through my clomid therapy to help keep gains.

    im 5'10" 160#
    my goal is to reach 170-175 and be rock hard

    id really appreciate the feedback gang. thanks alot

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    you should have stacked some testosterone with your fina. prop or suspension.

    primo tabs?

    save the primo for a future cycle. it's not synergistic with tren .

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