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    has anyone ever done a mega cycle for cutting

    has anyone ever done a mega cycle, say no less the 1g of test and an anabolic on a low carb diet or a low calorie diet? if so how long did the cycle last and what were your results?

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    I haven't done a mega cycle, but I am on a mild one right now along with a low calorie no carb diet.
    I am taking test prop 100mg EOD and winny 50mg ED and clenbuturol.
    I am doing up to an hour of cardio in the morning and working out in the afternoons. I am only starting my second week, but I am already happy with the results I am getting so far. My veins are really starting to come out big time and I am already starting to lean out.
    If you have any other questions just let me know.

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    bump for more info

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    Why would you do anything like that?

    I can see using a little bit of AS to halt muscle atrohpy while dieting ijn a cutting cycle, but doing 1000mg+ is just a waste.

    If you are dieting you won't be packing on muscle, period. Your diet is the weak link in the muscle building chain...

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