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    need help with cycle

    I want to add tren into my next cycle. My previous cycles have been used for bigger gains (dbol , sust, deca ). I want to lean out a bit and make some clean gains if possible (looking for that "hard" look).

    I plan on running EQ and Test Cyp. I have 30ml of each at a strength of 250mg/ml. Originally, I thought of running 500mg of each EW for 15 weeks, but now am leaning towards 750mg EW for 10 weeks. I have ran 500mg of test on my last 4 cycles and think it may be time to bump it up.

    What are your opinions on this and at what week should I throw in the tren and at what strength? Do I end the tren at the same time as the EQ & Cyp, and does this change my pct?

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    I would run the test a week longer than the tren and eq. 400mg/wk on the tren. imho...

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