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    first time injecting in delts..OOooouuch and another question

    My first shot was in ass on Mon and today I did it in the shoulder and it hurts like a mofu. Man it hurts bad, worse than ass.By the way guys Im doing 600 mg eq and 600 mg t200 for 10 weeks,is it ok to spilt them in three days injections?Im injecting Mon, Wed, and Fri. Oh yea 200 mg EQ/200 mg T200 3 times a week which would equal 600 mg of both a week.

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    No can even split them up into 2 injections per week...saves frequent injections

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    2 or 3 injections weekly would be ideal. if you are worried about the pain just stick to twice a week. you should get used to it pretty soon though

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