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    HELP> Whats the fastest way to get your sex drive back?

    after you cycle , what is the quickest way to get you sex drive back, even after my clomid i have trouble for a while to get a woody, ithis cant keep up much longer or im gonna blow it with this girl.......

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    I have the same problem right now. Don't even feel like rubbing one off. I'd be interested in the answer as well.

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    there is always the big V, but i have zero test in systme right now, and not having any problems, sex drive is bit lower than normal.. but still good to go.

    I truely beleive that clomid during cycle is helpful as it about 10000ius of HCG every 8-10 weeks.... at least that is what i have been doing.

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    you could try 50 mgs of proviron ed for about 4 weeks and see if that dosent help some. i ran it post cycle after my clomid therapy, and it definitely helped. when i came off of it, i had no problems.............

    peace bb79

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    Damn, I'm scared to start Clomid...was your sex drive cool before Clomid??? My lady expects me to perform 2-3 times ED....might have to spill beans to her about AS


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