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    Please Help with cycle question

    Time to start the summer cycle-- Thinking about 10 weeks Sust 500mg, 10 weeks EQ 400mg and Nutropin Growth (definitely want help with this, really don't know what to expect) I only plan on taking 2 iu s per day, thinking about 8-12 weeks growth. I also have Clen and T3 for cutting (never took them) before but looking to shed some winter bulk... Please give some advice on growth

    good to be back, it has been a while

    PS, what do you bros think about GBL for muscle growth

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    cycle looks good. if i were u, i would run the growth at 4 iu a day, i asked a previous post, or my friend did, about whether it was better to take 2 ius a day for longer, or 4 iu for a shorter amount, and the answer seemed to be 4 all around.i have never used t3 before, all the info i get on it from people seems that the negative outway the positive, but its your call. all said and done, ur cycle looks good though, my advice would be save the gh for a cycle down the line where u can run it higher and possibly longer

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