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    Anyone ever got fat on VENTIPULMIN ?

    Well, it's happening again :-)))
    I had 1/4 pf a bottle of VENTIPULMIN left, so I decided to go on it for two weeks before I start my cycle. But the same thing is happening as before 1) I gain weight! i.e. gained 4 pounds this week, but I can't tell if it's fat or muscle. 2) I eat like a horse :-)))

    This is supposed to be Clenbuterol .. and it seems to be because it's giving me super sweats and shakes as well. So what's wrong with it? (or me? :-)

    Thx bros.

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    maybe the eating like a horse part?

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    Originally posted by bigkev
    maybe the eating like a horse part?
    haha......yes, this will definitely increase weight....not decrease and tone up....

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