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    3rd generation steroids?

    hi guys,

    i was speaking to one of my steroid connections and he was telling me about the 3rd gen. steroids which are either in production or some may even be out yet. he said it was something like 'trophoboli' or sounded similar to that. by 3rd gen. he said it was an anabolic , androgenic and anti-estrogenic all in one ie. one does it all! has anyone heard of this yet?? he is a pharmacist so he is going to get me the official write up he got on it, but i just wanted to know if anyone has heard of something like this?

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    Maybe search some of the major companys homepages to see if they have any news on it.

    I just don't think they would do this, because at the dosages these things are prescribed there is no real chance of catching gyno......and their targetgroup is not bodybuilders.

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    Originally posted by Nightrider
    and their targetgroup is not bodybuilders.

    I wouldn't go as far to say that. Without BB's, all the companies, most of them south of the border would not be doing HALF the business as they normally do. I mean, can you think of a friend of yours that actually shoots testosterone into his cat. ..


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    my theory on this

    is that why would pharmaceutical companies sell a 3 in 1 when they could sell each product seperately for each condition.all pharmaceutical companies are are legalized drug dealers!!they aren't stupid enough to cut their revunue two thirds.just my opinion.i have no factual info on the topic but IMO it just seems like some higher up will be fired if they approve that.haha.take it for what it's worth, just my opinion.

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    sounds too good to be true but if there is such a beast out there and anyone finds any info on it i'd love to hear about it.

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    Sounds like a bit of a "magic pill" to me.

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