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    Nolvadex during cycle?

    First of all, I would like to say this board f'n rocks. Everyone here
    is a great help.

    Ok. Here is my question... Been reading around here and other boards, I wanted to know.... Will taking Nolvadex during a cycle
    before getting any symptoms of gyno prevent it from occuring?
    I read people debating that preventing is better than curing.
    But I also read that you don't need the anti-e unless you start feeling the itchy, sore nipple effects. Which probably sucks.
    I look forward to hearing your responses.

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    Some take it at 10mg p/day throughout cycle to try to keep bloat down, and reduce estrogen related side effect: which are specific fat deposits, water and salt retention, gyno, etc. You CAN take it fromt he begininng, but it will hinder your gains...meaning, you won't gain nearly as much as if you took it ONLY when you saw development. Bro, gyno doesn't pop over night. It takes a while, and you have to really ignore it, for it to become an ACTUAL problem. So, it'd up to you. You never know, you might be a person who can take ALL the gear in the world and never have a problem, but you won't know if you're running nolva throughout. Maybe get some Liquidex, or Arimidex , as they do not hinder gains like Nolva does.


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    PaPa -

    When you say Nolva will hender gains, to what extreme are we talking about ? Is it a significant drop in gains like 50% or more or is a more like 10% or so.

    What I am leading to is it worth it to take it throughout the cycle to gain a few pounds less than you would without it but being assured you won't get gyno.

    - Bulldog

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