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Thread: HGH injections

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    HGH injections

    I was wondering if injecting in the oblique area was suitable enough or should i stay to the abdomen? Also, if i'm taking Omadren250, Deca , D-Bol, HGH.... what kind of results could i be looking at achieving???? anyone with any info, it would be great. Thanks.... yours in size


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    You can go just about anywhere with GH and still be safe. It will have a local fat loss effect where injected and many pros use it all over there abs to get really cut for shows. Ive heard of guys that use it sub-Q under the nipple to help with his fatty deposits and it works great. You should be fine injecting in the oblique area IMO.

    Just make sure you do your research on the stuff. Its not for the newbie at all.
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    Yeah man many people inject into the obliques, should help with fat loss in that area. Just keep reading and be safe


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    i did ab injects last summer w/ serostim and it was a bodyfat is 5% and when i injected there it absorbed into my small intestine and had my shitting blood every time i ate.i had to go to the hospital and have a fuckign tube up my nose down my throat and every other test to make sure i didn't fuck myself up.just a word of advice:if you are as lean as me; from my experience w/ it, abs shots were no good.just tryign to give my input to keep all of us safe.

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    yikes partyboynyc!!! thats,I love your quote(pussy has no power when you look as good as us) aint that the truth.I remember a day when I used to sweat woman..dont have that problem no more,not too many of us do anymore...which rules...

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    Its as BG said anywhere on the abs is OK but do research this product as when ever I have read about it ,it does appear to be a vets/pro product.

    Be Safe

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