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    allergic to DNP???

    can people be allergic to dnp ??

    my friend and i are taking dnp right now and his face has swelled up alot and he's really red and kinda rashy.....i havn't noticed any changes in myself and its only day 2 for the both of us.

    any ideas on whats going on???? please help us out.

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    Yes, some people have an allergic reaction to DNP , should already know this assuming you've done some research on the subject.


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    yes that is why you start low that stuff is not a game learn it before you take it be smart.

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    i've seen many many allergic reactions to dnp , if not on the first cycle then in following cycles. stop taking dnp immediately when this happens. take some benadryl pills and apply the benadryl cream. don't start another cycle of dnp until at least 1 week after the rashes completely subside.

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