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Thread: what to take??

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    what to take??

    i am a 6'4 260 pound football player and i run a 4.9 40 yard dash. i am looking to gain between 15-20 pounds and lower my 40 time by the time August 10 is here which is when i have to report to camp. by doing some research i have seen that winstrol can help me get faster. i also have a friend who lowered his 60 yard dash time for baseball by taking winstrol. what i am not sure of is what to take to gain the weight. i've read about deca ,sust,and equipose and they all seem to increase your mass and strength. so if anyone out there has any suggestions i'd aprreciate them. thanks

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    u could go with deca , or eq, and ofcourse sust for mass, personally i would go with the eq and winny, u should get some nice lean muscle mass from this by eating right and training hard. good luck man

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    if you want to get faster I would focus on specific training
    check out and louie Simmons and the westside barbell club - check out the reverse hyper machine also the glute ham raise machine.
    If you have never heard of louie Simmons or westside barbell you will learn alot. Check out all the articles
    Louie has worked with the N.E. pats and Green Bay Pac.
    I believe how you train is just as important if not more so than the type of gear you use.Remember your a FOOTBALL PLAYER not a BODYBUILDER so train like a FOOTBALL PLAYER.
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    your speed is bound by your genetics. roids will only help a little, but won't turn you into a ben johnson. just because he was caught using winny doesn't mean it's the best for speed. i guarantee you the top track athletes today are on something and it ain't winny.

    deca would be a poor choice for any athlete subjected to random or any type of drug testing for performance enhancing drugs because it stays in your body for many many months after the last injection.

    do you know when you'll be tested?
    how much money are you willing to spend to improve your speed and strength?

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    Originally posted by Dr.Evil
    i guarantee you the top track athletes today are on something and it ain't winny.
    what do you think they'd be on? just curious, clen do shed any fat? halo? hmm

    is it true, they load up on Baking Soad before a raise to help control build up of acid in the muscles? I heard that works but only for less then ten minutes.

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