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    Smile Im B-A-C-K

    Not that any of you missed me! But Im back from my little vacation to Cancun...yes it was wonderful...but got a wicked sunburn on my forehead!!! ouch! Nope--didnt bring any really great goodies back---didnt look too hard, but what I did find were sostenon redi-jects---EXPENSIVE, cheapest I saw was 14usd and as high as 21usd...but like I said, I didnt look to hard....I did get to bring back some anti-e's---clomid and nolva--finally, my search is over, can begin my cycle! And finally...customs and imigration---no prob...they didnt check me or any of the others with me...even when they randomly choose someone, their search isnt that thorough from what I saw....I did meet a bro down their that was buying the sust and injecting them into a alcohol cleaned scope bottle---I hope he's alright after using that stuff!! Well, glad to be "home" hope I havent missed much! I'll be around now to pester all of you!

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    Welcome back bro, sounds like you had a good time

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    Welcome back. Good luck with the cycle too Bro! Keep us posted.

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