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    this is my first cycle and I was wondering if I was to up the enanthate in 1 shot to 500mg if it would be ok?1 shot of 500mg/week?will I get sick or anything when it kicks in and how long will it take to kick in?
    Thanks for any info!!

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    It takes like 3 weeks to kick in. Maybe get some dbol and run it like this.

    500 mg test a week for 10 weeks.
    25-35 mg dbol everyday for the first 4 weeks
    0.25-0.50 mg arimidex everyday
    Clomid 3 weeks after last injection
    Milk thistle with the dbol

    It is better to break the shots up (250mg on sun and thurs) but you could get away with one 500mg shot a week.

    Train hard and eat like crazy!!!

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    for sure start off with 500mg/wk. Thats what I did on my first cycle and got excellent gains! On my second cycle I thew in the D-bol and got even greater gains an I'm only a little over half way threw.

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    hey bro,
    arthurb999, is right on imho. you can do 500mg in one shot, but it would be better to break it into 2 a week, as this will keep test levels more even . with enanthate , the ester is long chain, so the need for 2 shots a week isnt as critical as some of the other shorter chain a.s. but still...... spread out evenly is always better. liike he some dbol for the 1st 4 weeks, and dont forget the liquidex/arimidex , and never do a cycle without your clomid ..........good luck.

    peace bb79

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    im usen test en right now. n week 3 starting to break some. i run it like bro mentioned 500mg week betweeen 2 shots.

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    well I started with 1 sust a week for a month then switched to the enanthate so there is some active test in me , I did the switch last week, I took 1 sust on friday then 1 enanthate on sun, so I shouldn't need d-bol right?
    I switched because en was cheaper and who ever I talked to said that enanthate is a better bang for your buck!!

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