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    this is what i have need help

    ok this is what i can get or have and i want this 2 be a cutting cycle so pick what i need for the cutting and then try 2 give me a good cycle.. i am 5'9 180-185 pounds body fat no idea...i have a great diet so far i have did 4 maybe 5 cycles before and i am 22 years old...ok this is what i have or can get

    primobolan depot,,,sus250,,,deca200,,,,clenbuterol ,,, i think test propionate ,,,i have clomid,,,,can get winny but i prefer not 2 cauz the money issue but if u can give me a look at 1 with winny and with out that would be kool...... well i hope this helps and u guys can help me out .remember i want a cuttin cycle with little 1 no water retention......... thanx

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    Test prop, equipoise , and winnie would be good but cutting all comes down to diet and cardio. Because you want no water retention, you should throw in 0.25 mg of arimidex everyday.

    Primo/winnie might be a good choice but primo is expensive.

    If winnie price is a problem I suggest you search out our friend **
    50mg winnie tabs for $1-3 a pop.

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