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    nolv and Proviron????????????

    i have nolv and Proviron in hand,
    which one should i select to go through the cycle for my hardness and vascularity do you think??? and how??

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    I take both, so here's my $0.02:

    Proviron is preventative, it prevents estrogen from forming, so start taking them at the start of your cycle. I take 50mg a day (mostly because I get it cheap and I like the side-effects; 25mg might do well too).

    I keep the Nolvadex onhand in case there are any signs of Gyno. If you feel your nipples swelling & itching, take 40mg, then 20mg a day until symptoms subside.

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    I've been doing alot of research on Proviron lately and have found Proviron not only is an antiaromase, but it also has a high affinity for binding to plasma proteins, which keeps other AS from binding, making them more effective. I am going to run Proviron through my upcoming cycle with Nolva on hand in case I need it.

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    I would run proviron though out the whole cycle , just like everyone else says use Nolva when you need it.

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    proviron would be my choice b/c of its slight anabolic properties, but it's slightly liver toxic as well.

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