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    Drawing Winstrol- Question

    I had a quick question about drawing from a vial, more specifically winstrol . I have never drawn from a vial as of yet, just had to use amps. I heard that for winstrol you should not inject air into the vial because it may oxidize with the water based chemical such as winstrol, however you can inject air into an oil based vial as it will not have any adverse effects on the drug, is this ture? Also could some one give me a step by step procedure on how to draw from a winny vial, any other links? Thanks Bros.

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    Mal, your gonna have to shake it first, because of the powder settled in bottom. and you shouldn't have to inject air because it will draw easy being water based.I don't see how air would hurt it. when you shake it , it will get bubbles. just stick the pin in and turn it upside down and draw away. get ripped!!

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