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Thread: Eq And Winny

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    Question Eq And Winny


    am researching a eq/winny cycle so im trying to educate myself as much as possible, any help would be great

    1. at 300mg eq a week, how possible is gyno. I;ll have anti e on hand

    2. What can I do to prevent major hairloss?

    3. How can I keep the hard, ripped muscel from the cycle?

    4. If anyone has done this, please tell me your results, gains, sides..everything...


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    1. It's possible, it is an androgen...but a VERY mild one at that, with strong anabolic properties.

    2. Nizoral Shampoo...although I've been using EQ for the past ten weeks at 400mg and not one hair that I have not instructed to be cut out, has left my scalp.

    3. Diet, training, Rest, as well....the hell with that, diet , train and rest BETTER than when you were on. Only way to improve is to keep doing things better than you used to. EQ's gains are usually always kept. Clomid plays a big role too.

    Almost done with it. Gains are awesome. Although I think I am on bunk winny. At least the eq is working. Side effects? Muscle.

    This can be used for a cutting OR a lean mass cycle very effectively. You will love the pumps, and veins will start coming out all over the place...provided your BF is low enough . Overall, I love it and it will be my next cycle as well, cept diff. doses and maybe some tren .

    Good luck. Any other ?'s ....go ahead.

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