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Thread: Bulk Cycle

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    Bulk Cycle

    im planning on running a bulking cycle soon and was wondering if u had any advice or improvements
    week1-4 anabol 50mg daily, week 1-10 sus 500mg, week 1-10 400mg deca , week 8-12 winny 50mg daily, with nolvadex on hand for gyno and clomid run on week 14 300mg day1 100mg next 10 days and 50mg 10 days

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    750mgs test/week
    500mgs eq/week
    winny 50mgs/day first 2 weeks
    winny 50mgs/day last 4 weeks.

    just my opinion, better to run eq rather than deca as sides controlled easier and better

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    If your running a ten week cycle. IMO. I would run the winny right up to week 13. That way you could start the clomid three weeks after the last shot, and three days after your last winny.

    If your doing a four week winny. start it on week nine. or bump up to five weeks and start it on week eight. JMO

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