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    Unhappy Depression/Low self esteem and sense of self

    Bro's, looking for some answers. Couple schools of thought...but not sure which road to take. Have suffered from depression and low self esteem for about 10yrs now. Am now looking down the avenue of light doses of gear and/or HGH (beginning with over the counter brand if its any good). Don't really know much about either. Took gear when I was 16, 17, 20 and 21. 100 tabs of this, 100 tabs of that. Had no idea what I was doing.
    Im quite opposed to needles so take that into account. Just looking for some guidance from some guys, who I can see, are pretty friggin knowledgeable!!


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    welcome bro

    first you dont tell us about your training - i wouldnt advise you to do any gear at all unless you have a solid background in the gym and your diet is pretty sorted out (to your own tastes at least)

    over the counter stuff is usually crap - which is why its over the counter and while its true that taking gear often leads to a feeling of well being, see previous comment!

    assuming that you DO have a good training base then there is no reason why you cant do some gear BUT you are going to have to deal with needles at some point, since an oral only cycle will not allow you to gain much and keep it, and the likelyhood that you will feel bad about losing all your gains is high!

    take some time, ask some questions (we dont bite very hard on this board so ask pretty much anything) and pay attention to the information presented and you will probably find the answers you need......but......

    we really need to know about your stats and training history and diet etc, so we can advise about the gear.

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    I wish I could help you. Gear can definattly help with confidence and all that but I would advice you to get your mind in a positive state before starting steriods . Steriods mess with your head more than people think. after you come off cycles some people get very depressed and have little motivation to do simple things. So looking for a cycle to help you when you are depressed isnt the best solution. I wish you the best bro, with whatever your choices are. If you do decide to take anything start out by posting your stats and training experince and your body shape and all, and I'm sure myself and some others can try to guide you in the right direction.

    best wishes!

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