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    Damage to Hormone Receptors ?

    Ok I try to ask this as clearly as possible. Do AS cycles cause your hormone receptors to function less efficently?

    Lets say you bombard yourself with several cycles over a number of years. Then your Test levels return to normal.

    Will your body not be able to use your natural Test as well as it did before ?

    If the receptors "close off" or somehow do not respond to your natural Test, then is it safe to assume that your body will believe that your test levels are now too low ?


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    receptors do not "close off" - and the problem comes down to you not producing as much test due to getting older, which is common - once your naturan production returns after a cycle there is no evidence whatsoever that your body uses your test less efficiently. - you might think so since you are used to feeling all that extra, however.

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    continued use of hormones causes the DNA to produce less androgen receptors, but each receptor is always just as responsive to a certain androgen. this level will return to normal very quickly when the excess androgens leave the body.

    the problem is not the receptors, but like cyc said, it's the endocrine system and your body's ability to produce its own testosterone . heavy androgen use can suppress the endocrine for a long long time and some people never get this back.

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