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    anti-biotics and AAS

    I'm on week 7 of a cycle and I'm up almost 30lbs, and now my glands have swollen up and my throat has closed, my doctor is no doubt going to prescribe so sort of anti-biotic, which as we all know kills AAS, so the next 2 weeks at least I'm gonna be worried about my gains and possible gyno, I'm eating 5500cal a day approx is there any thing I can do to salvage this cycle?

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    if you're sick, rest up to recover quickly and go all out when you're all healed up.

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    antibiotics are generally anti-anabolic but that in no way means they are extremely detrimental to your gains on AAS. a weakened immune system is by far a more crippling situation than using antibiotics, that is for sure.

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