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    what do u guys think....

    what do u guys think about the steroid alternatives on this main page. I wanna juice but im only 20 and i got a lot to grow still so i aint gonna do it till im ready. But i was lookin at those steroid alternatives that Jeff Summers has out right now and I was gettin pretty convinced. I just wanted to see if any of u guys have taken them or have heard about it. If u guys know anythign about it please get back to me about some advice. Thanks guys

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    Don't waste your time. Those products won't have any gains that you consider substantial. I know. If your trying to put on the muscle. Eat 500-1000cal. past what your body needs to maintain.
    Use Creatine, glutamine, and butt load of protien. Plenty of rest and a gallon of water a day. Oh yea-Work your f*cking ass off in the gym

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    creatine/glutamine/protein...99% of andros etc are a waste of money bro...the only one i had any kind of gains with was 19-nor 250, this is when i first started lifting

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    hey bro ,glutamine, protein shakes are staples and i tried creatine a few months i gained about 10 lbs but i was eating 4500 cals a day and working real hard in the gym .My buddy tried that shit from Jeff summers and got nothing out of it .
    good luck

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