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    russian sust amps?

    I just bought 10 russian sustanon amps with a red ring and yellow ring at the top and white ring around the breaking point. The label has square edges and says Cyctahoh on it. They look almost exactly like the UK amps except they have a russian label. Does anyone know if they are fake or real???????

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    Hi master P, Yes i heard of Cyctahoh BUT i'm not sure if its really russian. I know that "Cyctahoh" is made from INDIA. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Before me suggeting advice for you DO THIS. "GET MORE AMPS" 10 AMPS IS NOT ENOUGH. dont start it unless you get more!. Okay now listen to this. The way you and anyone else will find out if its fake or not. TRY IT. with 10 amps you will not notice much specially if your not stacking it and your goin to think its fake when its really REAL do you say what i'm saying? But anywa, TAKE IT! If you see size, strenth, thEN ITS real, if not then its fake. Sustanon take's time and its very slow before you see results. I would recomened taking deca with sustanon. Maybe even primabolen.

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    Cyctahoh is Russian. Check the Steroid Pics section to compare your amps. You'll need 16-20 of them.

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