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    my progress report

    Hi guys Im in second week of my EQ/T200 cycle and im gainiing strength in the gym . I guess Ill see noticable results around week 4 but I had a hard time injecting Mon, I had to poke myself 4 times cause everytime I aspirated i was in a vein so I said fvk it and did it in delt and it went ok. Hey guys how can i work on my body fat on my lower part of chest and also my little love handles?

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    Where were you injecting that you hit a vein 4 times?
    Go to and look the pics.
    You shouldn't hit a vein 4 times unless your really unlucky lol.
    Give it sometime as far as results. Your only 14 days in. By week 5 you'll know that your on..... :-)
    The only thing that gets rid of b/f is cardio and diet.....


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    i can easily hit a vein 4 times on my quads... I would never inject there

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