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    Arrow Anadrol - Alternitive??-

    Ok- so i posted yesterday about a oral subsitute to injectables and youall said that theres no way to gain off of that and for me to do some homework. So i did and what i found is Anadrol . What do you guys think of it and does it really gain as much weight as they claim to do. In the drug profiles on they say that 14-20lbs. are reported in as little as fourteen days. But they also said that you lose it as soon as you stop and theres a drastic reducement in size. Is there a way that you can keep on that weight when you go off of it. I figure that i would you on Anadrol gain all of that water weight and bulk up and then do a cycle of Halotesten? What do you all recommend? Thanx and sorry for the long post. Peace.

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    Sorry bro go back to the drawing board! Anadrol 50 the rock fuel of AAS, liver toxic and very harmful in the wrong hands.

    Yes you will gain LBS quickly and once stopped you will lsoe them doubly fast. Anadrol is never taken on its own it is ineffective. And A- stack would include test/deca or something simlar to help keeps the gains from the Anadrol.

    So basically no you don't want to cycle A-bombs.

    You know what Im gonna say!! get over your needle thing!


    Mass stack for the newbie

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    Listen to big AL.

    Dbol isn't even necessary if it's your first cycle, save it for a later cycle when you need that extra boost off the bat, because that's all your gonna get.

    Here's what to do.. Go study these compounds and see what you like best.

    1. Pick a Testosterone (Enanth, Cyp, Prop, Sust, Suspension) -there are more, but that's a start
    ***Most likely go w/ Sust, Enan, or Cyp. Less injections, and more stable blood levels.***

    2. Pick one other to stack with (Deca ,EQ,Winny, Anavar , the list goes on and on)

    Then tell us what your goals are in this cycle, and we will help with doses.


    *By the way, stacking isn't even necessary, maybe just pick a Test, and go with that. Many get great gains from a first cycle of just Test....As the 'ole saying goes..."Test is best"
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    good points - hey jch7, I highly recommend doing some reading around on the board and see what questions are being asked, etc. before going forward - as a newbie, anadrol and halo are not going to be ur best choice - some study will put u on the right trail tho!

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    I love anadrol but its not a gear for newbies i generally take 100mg ed day along with 1000mg a week of test but I dont suggest that for everyone stay safe if your just starting out

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    Do some research and you will find that Anadrol is listed as the most potent and the AAS with the most side effects.BA gave you a good cycle there and it has been proven many times.Injecting ain,t that bad thinking about it hurts more than doing it!

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