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Thread: starting out

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    starting out

    I'm a newbie and Would like some advice on how to bulk up.
    Currently I'm 26 yrs old,5'11 125-135 lbs.
    I'm tired of being blown away by the wind.I've tried eating all the food and getting no results.
    I see so many steriods on the market and have no clue which one to takes.I'm looking for some ideas on how to add weight and strength to my boney frame.
    Im jus looking to make myself feel better about myself.
    Any comments are welcomed,Thanks!

    Thanks again,

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    welcome to AR,........ have you ever worked out before,.....and if so how long?.........what is your diet like i read you eat alot but what food, any protien,....and if so how much?,.............

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    Before any consideration of AAS i would hit the gym hard..use protein/glutamine/creatine for starters...then maybe consider AAS..use the search option bro and u will find any topic you can imagine on any steroid there of eating, i too can eat like a horse and hardly gain anything, however i managed 30lbs of mass without the use of steroids ...what works best for me is instead of eating 6 meals i say i eat 4 maybe 5, seeing as i have a fast metabolism and the more you eat the faster it gets meaning the more calories you will be burn. Size can be achieved my friend, it may take us a little longer but it does come believe me..BTW welcome to AR

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