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    I mixed winny & deca, same needle. Any bad reactions ?

    I took my first shot of winny & deca in the same needle. I was told after not to mix oil based with water based. Can I expect any side affects ?

    thanks !

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    Don't let people tell you that mixing water and oil together is bad news unless they have done it before. I am currently doing the same mixuture Deca and Winny in the same injection. I have been doing this for about 4 weeks now. No problems at all. Just make sure you rub around the injection spot afterwards.
    -East Coast

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    Be slow and careful and it shouldn't be a problem.

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    People do it all the time, but then there are a few people that are strongly against it. You'll live. I'd only ever inject winny if I was doing spot injections, otherwise I'd drink it.

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