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    please help

    well i have a couple questions 1 what is the shelf lifefor depo testosterone in a vile unopened? 2What doseage should i take keep in mind that i am a first time user? 3 Should i just take it alone or should i stack it with something? i was thinking of taking it with winny well thanks for your help brothers.

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    I wouldnt waste your winny if you have test stack it with deca and dbal and or equip

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    BT22 it looks like there are no spelling errors in your post today so we should be able to help without flaming you (unless of course that is what I just finished doing).

    There should be an expiry date on your test. Some people have reported using product a year or two past expiry, but do a little more research.

    Test is generally used for mass and strength gain so I wouldn't recommend stacking with winstrol (used mainly for hardening, cutting). Consider deca . Depending on the strength and type of test you should run 400-500mg/week x 8 weeks, run deca @ 400mg/week x 8 weeks. Also be sure to pick up clomid and nolvadex .


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    Good advice Pete and Im surprised BT22 is back.

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