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    Trenbol 75 by ttokkyo labs?

    What is the deal with this stuff? why bother with fina kits when you can just use this? In case you haven't heard about it. Trenbol is a new product from ttokkyo labs. Basically it is 75mg/ml injectable trenbolone acetate (finaplex).
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    probably cost and availablilty bro. a tren cart is 35.00 USD and a kit is around 30.00 USD. pretty cheap for 26ml at 75mgs a ml.

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    CYCLEON Guest
    availability - some bros dont have a hookup and some just liek to do it themselves, make higher concentrations etc.

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    just make it i made 53ml 76mgs for $120-$130 ttokkyo will cost you $300.-$400. for half that

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    Just like Big said price. I hear that $300 price for Mexico. If you get tren domesticly chances are your getting something your source made from a kit. Who know how clean your source is too. Ttokkyo tren is rare in the states. Just get a kit. It's cheap and easy.

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    Originally posted by RON
    It's cheap and easy.

    That's my kind of girl.

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