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    Testosterone cipronate

    I have just been prescribed testosterone cipronate by my M.D. because of low total testosterone levels at 275 (Normal 250- 800) . He rx 1cc of 200mg/ml of testosterone cipronate for 12 wk cycles then 10 days of HCG . then recycle. Also saw palmetto and of course lots of exercise. My question is does any one know how potent this is going to be and what my levels of blood testosterone will probably go up to.

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    How old are you?

    Sounds like HRT to me.

    Your levels can go up as much as 500 points but this is up to your endo system and other factors.

    Most of the members that take tt on the board are taking a lot more but then do not stay on for long periods.

    You probably have cpt code 257.2 - hypogonadism.

    Follow your MD's advice. What he has given you is right on the money.

    Give it about 3 weeks before you start feeling better.

    Do a search on the internet on hypogonadism and you can find a lot of info.

    PM me and I can give you my doctors pitch on this.

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